TiVo® Premiere helps you maximize the value of your monthly cable service. And with an Internet-connected TiVo Premiere you get access to a world of free movies, TV shows, web videos, music, podcasts and more delivered over the Internet, all at your command, all in one amazing box.

DVR features

TiVo Premiere

Standard Cable DVR*

HD recording capacity Up to 45
Up to 20 hours
Premiere records up to 45 hours of HD programming.
Basic DVR features icon_check_sm check
With Premiere, you'll never miss your favorite shows again. It lets you control live TV or recorded shows with pause, rewind, fast-forward, instant replay, slow motion and the new 30-second scan. You can record two shows at once and even tell your Premiere to only record HD shows when available.
New HD interface check x
TiVo Premiere's reinvented, visually stunning HD interface gives you the tools to search, explore, browse and discover like never before—on both TV and the web. It's now faster, easier and more intuitive than ever to find more of what you love. And a new multi-column format delivers more information per screen, so all get to all your entertainment faster.
Search millions of titles and multiple sources (including the Internet) and find exactly what you want to watch. Search, discover and explore everything that's available on your Premiere all in one place. Even cooler, you'll see movie and TV show prices from all your sources, so you can do comparison shopping before purchasing.
Browse by TV & movie posters check x
TiVo Premiere's all-new, dedicated Browse feature is the perfect way to make sense of all the great content coming into your home. Not sure what you want to watch? Premiere's visual poster-browse display speeds things up by delivering considerably more information at a glance. Looking for a good movie? Top Picks has all the most popular content from across the TiVo universe, including online partners like Amazon Video On Demand. And if you're in the mood for a particular kind of movie, drill down instantly by clicking on one of dozens of categories in the new Collections feature and browse away.
Find shows based on topical Collections check x
TiVo Premiere's new Collections feature highlights the best that television and the web have to offer—all grouped into fresh, fun, up-to-date categories. Explore topical collections, event-driven collections, seasonal collections and groups of shows related to something new, interesting or popular. You can even “favorite” a collection and let TiVo know what’s hitting your sweet spot.
See similar shows in the Discovery Bar check x
The all-new Discovery Bar is a graphic lineup of content that appears across the top of Premiere's stunning HD menus. This display gives you helpful recommendations for movies and TV shows that are similar to ones you already enjoy, as well as titles that are currently popular in the TiVo community. Drop-down menus explain why programs were recommended. Simply click any item to record it. On the right, a new picture-in-menu window enables you to keep watching your show while navigating through the menus of Premiere's HD interface.
Live video window in menus check check
The cool new picture-in-menu video window enables you to keep watching your show while using TiVo Premiere menus. It appears on the upper right side of your interface, in the Discovery Bar. This live feed can also be paused from here if you prefer.
30-second scan

TiVo has always give you the ability to take total control live and recorded TV with pause, rewind, fast-forward and slo-mo. Now with Premiere, we've added a one-click 30-second scan feature so you can conveniently speed through those parts of your shows you'd rather not sit through.
Disk space meter check check
TiVo Premiere's convenient, new at-a-glance disk usage meter displays how much of your 45 hours of HD recording capacity you have available at any given moment, so you can better manage your storage.
Watch recordings on another TV check x
When you have more than one TiVo box connected to your home network through broadband, you can, you can easily transfer non-copy protected HD shows between them. Simply connect all of your TiVo boxes to your home network and you can enjoy the convenience of multi-room viewing.
Online/mobile scheduling of recordings check few providers
Forget to schedule a recording? Stuck in a meeting? In an airport? Don't panic. Just visit or from the web or a mobile device and search for shows, browse air times and channels, and schedule your desired recording online. It's like always having your Premiere with you.
Transfer recordings to mobile devices check x
Who says you can't take it with you? Transfer your recorded shows to your laptop and hit the road. Or use TiVo Desktop Plus to convert your shows and load them onto your iPod®, PSP® or other media player. TiVo Desktop Plus is available for purchase and download on
Expandable storage space check x
You can always expand the recording capacity of your Premiere with an external hard drive. We recommend the Western Digital 1 TB My DVR Expander. Once it's plugged into the eSATA port on your TiVo box, the Expander adds an additional 140 hours of HD recording space, or up to 1,200 hours of standard-definition recording capacity.
Supports over-the-air digital channels check x
You may be in an ideal location to receive and record FREE over-the-air HD signals of network TV programming with a digital antenna. You'll enjoy a breathtaking picture quality unmatched by cable and satellite providers. Digital antenna required and sold separately.
Full 1080p support check x
Like the crisp detail, brilliant colors, and eye-opening quality of 1080p? Perhaps you’re an action-movie aficionado? Or maybe you just want to get the most out of your HDTV? Rest assured, Premiere provides full 1080i and 1080p support, so you’ll see all the action, and all the pageantry, in all its intended glory.
ENERGY STAR® compliant check x
Not only does Premiere save you money on entertainment costs, it can save you money on your monthly energy bill. Energy Star compliance means Premiere meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Broadband Internet-connected features

* Scientific Atlanta Explorer® 8300™ HD DVR features as of January 2010
World's largest on-demand video store check x
With a broadband-connected Premiere, you're connected to a vast universe of on-demand choices for purchase or rent—from movies and TV shows to web videos, music videos, streaming music and more. (Additional fees may apply from third-party content providers.)
Amazon VOD movies & shows check x
Now you can make any night movie night. Over 75,000 movies and TV shows are now available for download through your Premiere—with many in breathtaking HD. (Additional fees may apply from Amazon.)
Enjoy YouTube™ videos on your TV check x
From surprised kittens to sneezing baby pandas, you'll now be able to search for, browse and enjoy millions of FREE YouTube videos, right on your TV. The possibilities are virtually endless.
Get Facebook, Twitter, and other web updates check x
Get up-to-date news, traffic, weather, sports, celebrity gossip and stock updates that you care about. You can even watch new activity on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Subscribe to free web videos check x
Find free web videos for virtually every interest under the sun and watch them on your TV. From astronomy and politics to woodworking and yoga, it's easy to find free videos that match your particular area of interest. You can even subscribe for regular updates (RSS feeds), which you'll find waiting for you in your "My Shows" folder.
Watch free music videos on demand check x
Browse and download free music videos from your favorite recording artists with Music Choice®. It's like creating your very own music video channel right in your living room.
Access streaming music services check x
Whether you're in the mood for classical, hip-hop, or anything in between, you can stream millions of songs directly to your TV with a Rhapsody® membership and a broadband-connected Premiere. You can also access hundreds of free music channels with Live365. (Additional fees may apply from third-party content providers.)
Listen to your PC/Mac music library check x
You no longer need to enjoy your computer's personal music library through your computer's speakers or headphones. With TiVo Desktop software it's simple to stream the tunes you love the most on your TV or home entertainment system. Rock on.
View your photos on the big screen check x
Your most precious pictures and slideshows have never looked this good. Display your personal photo library from your PC or Mac on the biggest screen in your house—with Premiere. They'll be larger than life. (TiVo Desktop Plus software required and sold separately.)

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