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FrameChannel Available on TiVo

Thu, 13 May 2010

Turn your TV screen into a personalized, on-screen information service

FrameChannel delivers a FREE, customized feed of relevant and up-to-the-minute weather, sports, traffic and stock updates, right on your TV screen. Just enter your ZIP code or go to the FrameChannel website to hand-pick your custom mix of content from hundreds of available channels. Here's what your TV can display:

  • content on your favorite sports teams
  • updated prices on the stocks you follow
  • relevant news from sources you chose
  • new activity on Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • local forecasts, temperature and weather

FrameChannel is a whole-screen experience you'll enjoy when getting ready for work, while you're housecleaning, or when you're entertaining guests. There's never been a more unique TV experience… or a more convenient way to stay informed.

See how it works


Customize your on-screen feeds on

See your customized feed on your TiVo box with sports, stocks, Twitter updates, and news that interest you most

Available on:
Series2™, HD, HD XL, Series3™, Premiere and Premiere XL boxes

It's easy to try FrameChannel on TiVo:
From Premiere and Premiere XL: Go to TiVo Central > Showcases & Extras > MyFrameChannel (or Weather, Traffic, Local News, Sports, Stocks)
From any device other than Premiere and Premiere XL: Go to TiVo Central > Music, Photos, & Showcases > MyFrameChannel (or Weather, Traffic, Local News, Sports, Stocks)

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