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The easy-to-use TiVo® HD DVR helps you find and records all of your favorite shows, so you never miss anything you want to watch. Connect your TiVo HD DVR to the Internet and turn your TV into the world's largest video store. From hot movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand™ to YouTube™, music videos, web videos and more, TiVo gives you millions of online entertainment choices you simply can't get from cable or satellite.

  • Easiest way to search, record and watch your favorite cable, broadcast and HD shows.
  • Find your favorite movies by title, actor, director, sports team, even interest.
  • Automatically records your favorite shows.
  • Schedule your recordings online or with any mobile phone
  • The ultimate answer to the Digital Transition question.

tivo_dvr3More than just an ordinary DVR

Recording TV shows is becoming the standard television experience. To offer your customers a DVR solution is not only considered a plus but expected. However by combining your current cable offerings with the TiVo DVR service and device, you are projecting your service past the competition with services and feature set. Here are some of the features you will be able to provide your customers beyond the standard pause/rewind/record functionality of most DVRs.

TiVo Series3 Cable DVR* Satellite DVR**
Record from multiple sources check
Cable, antenna, and satellite
Depending on model
Digital cable only
Satellite and antenna
Records two shows at once check check check
Easy, comprehensive search check Titles
Title, subject, and
actor only
Broadband connected check
Use the built-in Ethernet or purchase the TiVo wireless adapter
x Built-in Ethernet only.
No wireless support.
THX Certified check x x
Kid-safe TV check
TiVo KidZone
Parental controls only
Parental controls only
Add recording capacity later check
With My DVR Expander for TiVo HD and Series3
x x
Cable video on demand x check x
Movies & Videos
Amazon Video On Demand check x x
Blockbuster On Demand
check x x
FREE CinemaNow/Disney Studios check x x

Buy movie tickets from Fandango check x x
YouTube*** check x x
FREE video downloads check x check
Home movie sharing check x x
Your Music & Videos
Your own music library check x x
Rhapsody Music Service check x x
FREE music videos check x x
Internet radio & podcasts check x x
Your own photo library check x x
Online photo services check x x
Anywhere You Go
Schedule shows online check x x
Schedule shows on mobile phones check x x
Transfer shows to a computer check x x
Transfer shows to an iPod, PSP or
other compatible portable device
check x Limited
Transfer shows to a DVD check x x
Transfer shows between DVRs check x x

Broadband Internet Connection Required for Downloads, Music and Photos. Subscription required For Rhapsody music service. Sold separately.

* Time Warner/Cox Communications Explorer 8000™ DVR

** DISH Network HD ViP722™ DVR

Offer More Services at Lower Cost

With the rise of HD channels, Video-On-Demand and internet video, customers are starting to expect more services from their cable and satellite services. To stay competitive, cable operators must expand their services to meet those consumer demands. This isn't a question. The dilemma is how to offer those services cost effectively.

With the introduction of the TiVo Solution, you will be able to offer many of the following services at a lower operational cost.

  • External content provided by Netflix, Amazon, Walt Disney, YouTube and more.
  • Video-On-Demand Movies and other content
  • Customer Content such as music, photos and home video.
  • Fully featured DVR with program recording and tracking

tivo_dvr1Eliminate Unnecessary System Complexity

The TiVo DVR comes with Lifetime Service, eliminating the need for additional fees, and offers easy access to a variety of broadband features built into a single device.

tivo_dvr3TiVo DVR Features and User Experience

Because of its status as independent service, TiVo relies on it's features and user experience to build up it's customer base. This has resulted in feature set and easy to use interface that serves the customer like no other.

  • TiVo features the largest Video On Demand Catalog to a DVR device
  • Uniquely flexible transfer of content to Mac, PC, iPod, PSP and other devices.
  • Easy to use search to find content and track programs
  • Custom Kid Safe content filtering

tivo_logo1sm_aHigh TiVo Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rate

Through its feature set and user experience, TiVo has built up a loyal and satisfied customer base that estabilishes the TiVo brand as quality.

  • TiVo is the best-known and most-loved DVR on the planet
  • Over 91% of TiVo users would recommend it to their friends
  • Over 81% of TiVo users would give up their iPod before their TiVo DVR

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